2022 Burnett County Guide

10884 Hoinville Rd. Trego, WI 54888 715-319-3064 www.heartwoodresort.com THE BEST UP NORTH RESORT FOR ANY OCCASION! • Perfect for retreats, weddings, gatherings, conferences and events • Featuring lakeside rooms and cottages with complementary breakfast • Convenient on-site bar and fine dining at Pine Lodge Restaurant • 700 private acres nestled in Northwest Wisconsin - featuring a private lake, miles of trails and endless recreation opportunities 11 State of Minnesota Polk County Washburn County Douglas County State Boundary Webster Siren Grantsburg St. Croix Tribal Lands St. Croix Tribal Lands McGraw Lake UpperTamarackRiver Fish Lake Our Lake Cranberry Lake Minnow Lake Ham Lake Kreiner Lake Goose Lake Bluff Lake Culbertson Lake Cadotte Lake Buck Lake Pike Lake Lower Clam Lake BigSand Lake Ye l l o w R iver S ai n t C r o ix Riv e r Mud Hen Lake Kapes Lake Sand Lake W o o d R i v e r Nort h F ork C la m Riv e r Little Wood Lake SwampLake Kent Lake No Mans Lake Little McGraw Lake Richart Lake Bradley Lake Sain t C r oi x R iv e r N a me k a g o n R i v er T o t a g a t i c R iver Bass Lake Saginaw Lake Island Lake W e b b C r e e k Stulen Lake McElroy Lake Staples Lake Greenwood Lake Deer Lake Bass Lake Fenton Lake Tabor Lake Thatcher Lake Fawn Lake Prinel Lake Webb Lake Frog Lake Floyd Lake Myrick Lake Johnson Lake Big Bear Lake Robie Lake Schaaf Lake Berg Lake Miniature Lake Burlingame Lake Little Round Lake Stone Lake Ferry Lake Meeker Run Lake Lost Lake Y e ll o w Riv e r L o o n C r e e k Briggs Lake LucerneLake Twentysix Lake L o o n C r e e k Minerva Lake Des Moines Lake Long Lake Mud Lake Cranberry Lake Gull Lake Little Bear Lake Long Lake Eagle Lake Nicaboyne Lake Round Lake Lily Lake SaintCroixRiver Hayden Lake North Lang Lake Loon Lake Falk Lake Love Lake Hanscom Lake Crooked Lake Rooney Lake Shoal Lake Bass Lake Birch Island Lake MysteryLake Lang Lake Myre Lake N a meka g o n R i v e r Lindy Lake Clam River Flowage Johnson Lake Fremstadt Lake Crescent Lake Buffalo Lake Mingo Lake Tanda Lake Coruick Lake Middle McKenzie Lake Phernetton Lake Bartash Lake Bonner Lake Rahn Lake Little Yellow Lake Little Base Lake Bass Lake Behr Lake Clubhouse Lake Crystal Lake Deep Lake Oak Lake Lone Star Lake Echo Lake Chase Lake SaintCroixRiver Sand Lake Yellow Lake Benach Lake Pine Lake Point Lake Mud Lake Eagle Lake Durand Lake Devils Lake Upper Twin Lake Green Lake Conners Lake C l a m Rive r Dubois Lake Lower Twin Lake Peterson Lake Reed Lake Monson Lake Mollete Lake Mallard Lake Perch Lake Gaslyn Lake McKenzie Lake Pratt Lake Round Lake Lost Lake BakerLake Smith Lake Fuhrmam Lake Swamp Lake Benoit Lake Y e l low R i v e r YellowRiver Lipsett Lake Money Lake Baker Lake Horseshoe Lake Bass Lake Temple Lake Rice Lake C l a m R i ve r Y e llo w River Bass Lake Tucker Lake Lost Lake Viola Lake Owl Lake Blomberg Lake Tamarack Lake Fish Lake Taylor Lake Hay Creek Flowage Wilson Lake Poquettes Lake Crooked Lake RohrLake Glendenning Lake Big Doctor Lake Cranberry Lake Larson Lake Clam Lake Doctor Lake W o o d R i v e r Long Lake Bashaw Lake Spencer Lake Little Bass Lake Godfrey Lake Black Lake Rice Lake Bass Lake Buck Lake Peacock Lake Pine Lake Little Trade Lake Places Lake Big Trade Lake TradeRiver Pickle Lake Rice Lake Round Lake Thirty Two Lake S t . C r o i x R i v er KettleRiver KettleRiver SaintCroixRiver Tomoe Lake Lily Lake Austin Lake S t.C r o ix Rive r Nort h Ch a n n e l Clear Lake W o o d R i v e r Silver Lake Put Lake Indian Lake Lind Lake Dunham Lake Bass Lake Fish Lake Elbow Lake Silver Lake Hunters Lake Wood Lake Spirit Lake UpperTamarackRiver Reisinger Lake Phantom Lake Warner Lake Bass Lake TwinLakes Pokegama Lake Holmes Lake T r a d e R i v e r Gabrielson Lake SaintCroixRiver SaintCroixRiver SaintCroixRiver UpperNorth ForkFlowage No. 1 Flowage North ForkFlowage Webb Lake LoonLake SaintCroixRiver SaintCroixRiver Big Alpha Branstad Coomer Danbury Falun Four Corners Hertel Oakland Riverside Trade Lake Trade River Webb Lake Yellow Lake Benson Lind Randall Timberland Woodland Corner Bashaw DOUGLAS COUNTY WASHBURN COUNTY WASHBURN COUNTY POLK COUNTY POLK COUNTY POLK COUNTY MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA A & H BARRON COUNTY POLK COUNTY 77 35 70 35 70 35 48 87 48 K B FF X C W H E U EE D F Z T O F G N A J Y H A A M H B H D H H B B 35 D 70 87 Z O M 48 70 70 A A A C C C C U FF FF F F F 35 35 77 77 H O 77 F F Federal Land County Land State Land Tribal Land Village Lake/River/ Stream Local Road Rustic Road 15, 79, 80 & 98 Trail Populated Place State Highway County Highway Airport Carry-In Access Golf Course Hospital Park Ramp Access Trout Stream Cross-Country Ski Area KEY To St. Croix Falls 35 miles To Superior 42 miles Fire Lane Clam River Fishery Area Sand Creek Fishery Area Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area St. Croix National Scenic Riverway Amsterdam Sloughs WildlifeArea Clam Lake Wildlife Area Crex Meadows Wildlife Area Fish Lake WildlifeArea Governor Knowles State Forest Clam River Fishery Area Goose Lake Wildlife Area Clam River Fishery Area Clam River Fishery Area T r a i l I c e A g e Gandy Dancer State Trail Gandy Dancer State Trail N B e a r L a k e R d County Line Rd Williams Rd V i o l a L a k e R d N D e s Moin e s a k e R d Timberland Rd AustinLake Rd N Williams Rd John Nelson Rd S M a r k v il l e R d T a y l o r L a k e R d Nyberg Rd Clam Lake Dr N RefugeRd B u g g e r t L a k e R d E River Rd H a y d e n L a k e R d McKenzie Rd S Bear Lake Dr Triangle Rd North Rd Nelson Ln Springbrook Trl GileRd Gaslyn Creek Rd Devi l s L ak e Rd Fawn Lake Dr L u n s m a n W Bluff Lake Rd Bobcat Ln N Russell St W a s h b u r n L n C r a n b e r r y M a r s h R d 340thAve Zalesky Rd N M ud Hen L ake R d Coyour Rd M i d t o w n R d Shore Rd M c G r a w L a k e R d W e s t P o i n t Ben s o n R d S Baile y R d F o x e s L a n d i n g R d Moser Rd L a kevie w R d Bakker Rd T h o m p s o n R d EmersonRd A n g e l i n e Johnson Lake Rd L e e f R d Herrick Rd Brozie Rd Bashaw Trl NamekagonTrl Big D oc t or L ake Rd James Rd O f f e r L a k e R d S N i c a boy n e Lak e R d P o l a n s k y R d B i g M c G r a w Rd O a k L a k e R d N Los t L ak e R d Scenic View Ln PrattRd S River Rd L i t tl e B e arDr Old STH 35 Flowage Dr Pleasant Prairie Rd Eliot Johnson Soderberg Rd Gordon Rd KlarquistRd Lhotka Rd BjorklundRd Brad Rd Nelson Dr C a r t e r B r i d g e R d Buck HornTrl DeadEndRd L a n g LongLakeRd M i n e r v a D a m R d Deer Farm Rd N RiverRd Bay Dr Sedar Ln K y l i n g s t a d St Croix Trl Carson Rd TN RD 15 Cranberry MarshRd Swamp Rd Nyren Rd M y r i c k L a k e Rolling GreenRd C r o s b y R d St Croix Trl 180thSt Lake Rd S Bailey Fire Ln B e n t s T r l M e a d m e n Meadows FireLn P h e l p s F i r e L n N Clam F i r e Ln N o r w a y F i r e L n E WallinFireLn Normans LandingRd Fox Rd S a n d L a k e R d S Sand Lake Dr Lake 26 Rd Seiben Rd L a k e s D r LongLake Rd N Bailey Rd V o y a g e r Rd N S h o r e D r Dubois Rd Pik e BendRd R o o t R d Leghorn Dr Eagle Lake Rd Dry Landing Rd W Minerva Dam R d S ClamL a k e La n d i ng Rainbow Bay R d Hilltop Rd H a y d e n L a k e Rd T h o m p s o n B a y R d T a b o r L a k e D r W Be n oit L a k e Rd River Rd Hickorson Rd W W e b bLake Dr W RiverRd E Long La k e Rd ShuttleworthRd Johnson Rd Ree d La k e R d D o n g o l a R d Spring LakeRd Mall a r d La k e R d R a c i n e D r R e d S chool H ou s e Rd Old35 Rd Briggs La k e Landi n g H e r i t a g e R d Tower Rd R o u n d L a k e D r B i g B e a r D r Brekke Ln Silent Pines Ct PaintMine Rd S o r e n s o n s R d S w i s s T r l Johnson Rd N o r m a n s L a n d i n g R d B u r nikel R d BirchHavenRd County Line Dr S L o n g L a k e R d OldARd O d d e n L n Upland Woods Ct SwegerRd C e d a r P o i n t R d E T h o r n t on Fi r e L n O l s on Rd Swede Rd P i n e L n N Bass Lake Rd Sondrall Rd DeerpathRd Church Rd D e e r A i r p o r t R d Williams Rd Coy Rd La k e W o od D r W River Rd S E a s t R d Best Ln Daniels 70 Rd R a n g e L i n e R d W Stellrecht Ln WAd a m s L a k e D r CorcoranRd Lundquist Rd L o on L a k e D a m R d Corcoran R d Stengel Rd Shaw Dr County Line Rd Y e l l o w L a k e Rd McLain Rd Black b u rn R d Spring Ct Dodd Rd Wildhagen Rd Sunfish B a y R d Daniels 70 Rd CutlerRd E B a s s L a k e R d Briggs Lake Rd Johnson Ln D e e r L a k e R d S a n d L a k e R d B e r g e r u d A c o r n R d Schmitz Ln HilltopRd P i k e L a k e R d Hildas Corner Rd ClearSky Malone Rd N Rice Lake Rd French Rd WickholmRd I ce Ho us e B r i d ge Rd Nelson Rd B r a d s h a w R d ShriderRd Assembly Rd N Fork Dike Rd GelharRd Morni n g D o ve Ln ShogrenRd N R e f u g e R d Oeltjen Rd Dogtown Rd Kilkare Rd Threshold Rd E Bass Lake Rd Airport Rd Kruger Rd E Ba s s Lake Dr M a i n D i k e R d Willie Rd Fr e ed o m L a k e R d WalbergRd D a m R d Corner Rd Dike 6 Rd Hamms Rd Broeffle Rd C A t k i n s o n L n Windorski R d Fis h L a k e R d Malone Rd Mill R d Bloom Rd Volkman Ln Lincoln Rd Corbin Rd Bixby Ln KellogRd W Des M oi n es a k e R d E Rice Lake Rd Reservation Rd Places Lake Rd Swiss Chalet Rd Oak Rd W e b b C r e e k D r Assembly Rd Sewall Rd Sand Rd Warner Lake Rd O l d 3 5 Spirit Lake Rd N Pines E n d R d S i lv e r L a k e Rd Cemetary Rd County Line Rd Finlayso n R d FergusonRd L i t t l e M c G r a w R d Graus Rd Par k R d Jensen Rd Pardun Rd E l l i s D r E RefugeRd Spruce Rd K o v a r i k R d Cockerham Rd Hunt Rd BrynilsonRd E ConnersL a k e L n Wellman Rd S L os t Lake R d Big Island Rd W Bass Lake Rd RidgeTrace Ct Sadlers Rd Bennie Rd C a m p D r Dry Landing Rd L i l y G r a v e l K n o l l Barkers Rd W LaraRd Stengel Dr NoMansLake Rd Spaulding Rd Morse Rd N o O u t l e t Ln N River Rd H i d e a w a y Rd P o i n t Bailey Ln Styles Rd Westrom Rd Mattson Rd P o p e R d Agate Rd W h i s t l e r R d L A t k i n s L n Oeltjen Rd P a r d u n R d M a p l e R d County Line Rd Lyn c h Brid g e Rd H a l l Silver Lak e Rd S p o r t m a n C l u b R d Roberts Rd Lakeview Church Rd G a s l y n R d Stoltz Rd Lee R d G r o v e r P o i n t R d B i r c h R d T o w e r R d Pearly Swamp Rd Greeder Rd Larson Rd L o n e P i n e G r e e r R d N L i p s e t t L a k e R d L o o n L a k e Dr Springbro o k T r l N Bass Lake Rd Wicklund R d S h a d y G l e n n Currey Rd G r a v e l P i t R d Bartels Ln R o c k a w a y L n R o b b i e R d R u n d b l a d R d F o n t a i n e L i l l y L a k e D r Kessler Rd Fish Lake Rd Hopkins Rd Black Bear Trl Town LineRd Brigg s L a ke Rd Ro m s o s Ln Whitetail Dr R S t ellre c ht Ln M i n e r v a C i r Staff o r d Rd Lily Lake Rd Grey Fox Ln Burls Trl B i g B ear Lake Rd Spaulding Rd Dock Lake Rd Ostergren Rd Beaver DamRd Hildas C o rnerRd Wood Ln Larrabee Sub. Rd N Fork Dike Rd Bang Rd Tollander Rd Nelson Rd Old35 Rd Gomulak Rd Lukes Ln TylerRd Chelmo Rd Landing Rd Nordstrom Ln Montgomery Rd Gary St F r e m s t e d R d Sand Rd S E lbo w L a ke Rd W Benoit LakeRd SilverLake Rd SpringLake Rd Oakwood Pkwy E B a s s L a k e R d Heart Lake Rd Stone Rd Elbow Lake Rd Oak Rd Whisp e r i n g Pines R d Gull Lake D r Martin Rd AugustineRd Bertram Rd PineRd N M arkvil l e R d N Lake Rd WestRiver Rd Russel Rd Johnson Lake Dr Holmberg Ln Alden Rd Carl Berg Rd Cumberland Point Rd Long L ake R d N Webb L a ke R d Anderson Rd Park St N B a s ha w L a keRd Lee Rd Mansfield Rd Timberland R d Carlson Rd StateLine Rd Selma Lea Rd Bonneville Rd Gables Rd OldSTH 35 Hegge Rd Shearman Rd Spirit Lake Rd Kody Rd Ash Rd Peet Rd W o o d r i d g e C t Odden Rd Big McGraw Rd Perida Rd RangeRd Brown Rd NamekagonTrl 300thAve Kyllingstad Rd ThorsonRd Gaslyn Rd Larson Rd Fox Rd MapleWood Rd Dongola Rd Sand Rd Little Wood Lake Rd Gile Rd N R e f u g e Rd Starr Rd Range Line Rd Bass Lake Rd HoffmanRd Pet e r s o n Rd L a ke 3 2 R d MinervaRd Moline Rd Paulson Rd Heir Rd S W e b b L a k e AldenRd St Croix Trl S River Rd Fristed Rd Roc k R i d g e Rd WoodRd Ferry Rd Banach Rd S t e r l i n g Rd Spir i t La k e R d E Selvig Rd G o d f r e y R d Arbutus Dr Gr a n d Po r tag e C t Olson Rd Bruss Rd M a r l R d Old35 JohnsonAve Johnson Rd Madison Ln Oak St County LineRd C o u n t y Li ne Rd B o n n e r L a k e R d N e l s o n L a n d i n g R d Old 7 0 R d Abel Rd Olinger Rd G l e n d e n n i n g R d County Line Rd Lamphere Rd Bents Rd L ittl e D e e r R d D h e i n R d O l d A E Ad a ms L a ke R d Rollin g G r e en R d P a n s y L a n d i n g R d Fairgrounds Rd B r i g g s L a k e R d Paulich Rd Mail Rd St Croix Trl Hideway Rd Minerva Landing C h a s e s F i r e Hwy 77Trl Conroy Fire Ln D o d y F i r e Howard F i r e L n Yell o w R i v e r Fi r e L n G a s l y n F i r e L n S a n d C r e e k T r l S w i ss F i r e L n Cemetery F Ln B a l a s m F i r e L n C a m p F i r e L n E Webb Lake Rd L i n d R d Klarquist Rd McKenzie Rd S h a k e R d N Deer Lake Dr Marek Rd P h an t o m L a k e Rd K e m p f R d Benson Rd K i l s t r o m R d SpencerLake Rd W L i pse tt L ak e R d Fandee n Rd R o b e r t s Herman Johnson Rd Olsen Rd C l e a r S k y R d Godfrey Lake Rd Christner Rd W e b b C r e ek D r S a g i n a w WaldoraRd J e n s e n R d MaplewoodRd Dake Rd N M u d Hen L ake Dr Welch Rd Big Hill Rd FosterRd Jimmy Carter Rd M o s e r D r Smith Rd C r a n e b e r r y D i k e R d Rylander Rd Freedom Dr Welch Rd M-YRd Cemetery Rd GaslynRd F l o y d P a r k e r D r E St a pl e s Lak e D r V e s e l y R d N Fork Dr N Bashaw Lake Rd Bistram Rd N Fossom Rd Minnow Lake Rd Trails End Rd KentLake Rd O l d 3 5 R d B a g g e s R d Spook Dr Old 35 WhisperingPines Rd P e p i n R d B u r n i k e l R d Poquette Lake Rd A k e r m a rk R d Nero Rd Lakes Dr O l d 3 5 Spring Lake Rd Namekagon PointRd Main Dike Rd RiverRd Round Lake Rd KolanderRd H o l i d a y Acres Dr B o n n e v i l l e R d Beal Rd A lsta d R d Lake 3 2 R d Lhotka Rd Loon Creek Trl Bashaw Valley Rd Airfield Rd J o h n s o n R d S o u t t e r R d R i v e r R d C Rd PoppleRd M o r s e R d Cl a m D am R d King Rd BirchRd Buckland Rd Krause Rd Gr e ttum D ike Rd Indian Creek Rd M u r p h y R d Norway PointRd Larrabee Rd Johnson Lake Rd West River Rd Van Loo Rd Peterson Rd Five Mile Rd Burnikel Rd Stolte Rd Swenson Rd Dvorak Rd McKee Trl Yellow River Rd Perkins Trl Peterson Rd Black Brook Rd Nelson Rd SpangbergRd County Line Tobe Lake Rd McCune Rd Nelson Rd Gabrielson Lake Rd NAlpha Dr Clark Rd E River Rd Oak Rd Peet Rd Gravesen Rd Midtown Rd Black Brook Rd Lang Rd Haus Rd Solness Rd Grell Rd WoodCreek Rd SmestadRd S Williams Rd Fosberg Rd Bashaw Store Rd LoggingCreek Rd Emil Fink Rd Surrel Rd Bloom Rd Town Hall Rd Church Rd Anderson Rd Poquette LakeRd Bakker Rd Larson Rd Compeau Rd Spaulding Rd Daniel JohnsonRd E RefugeRd PeteNelson Rd Culbertson Rd Soderbeck Rd Cedar Point Rd Galesky Rd Frog Lake Rd 78thSt KlarquistRd Moro Rd Bashaw Lake Rd M e l o Crosstown Rd Tower Rd Lake 26Rd Boyd Ln Wood LakeRd J a m i s o n R d Lake 26 Rd Lara Rd E R e f u g e Rd State Line Rd G o l d S t a r R d M c K e n z i e R d Erickson Rd N Nicaboyne LakeRd B u c k L a k e R d Imme Rd A l s t a d Twin LakeRd Oeltjen Rd C r o s s t o w n H i l l R d B l u f f L a k e R d P h a n t o m L a k e T r l Thoma Rd P i ne L a k e R d Bushey Rd Helsene Rd B a s s L a k e R d Airfield Rd P i n e V a l l e y L n Greenfield Rd Town Hall Rd BernieRd DelanoLn KrugerRd LundquistRd Hegge Rd M e d c h i l l R d Klotz Rd Oker lund Rd LundeenRd Highland Rd MeyerRd D u n h a m L a k e R d N S h o r e D r Reed Lake Rd Bushey Rd Skog Rd Mangelsen Rd Pike BendRd L o n e s t a r R d W R e f u ge R d BensonRd Birnstengel Rd S l e e p y H o l l o w R d Leslie Rd D o c k L a k e R d Fish Lake Rd S p i r i t L a ke Rd W N Staples Lake Rd CCC Rd N CountyLine Rd Lisk Rd Mallard Lake Rd Ice House Bridge Rd BlomgrenRd County O Landing Raspberry Landing Highway 70 Landing Sandrock Cliffs Soderbeck Landing Fox Landing Nelson Landing Norway Point Landing Thayers Landing Riverside Landing C.C.C. Bridge Landing Namekagon Trail Landing McDowell Bridge Landing CC Lake Rd Austin Rooney Kilkare Rd V o y a g e r Rd Shore Rd Devi l s L ak e Rd CCC Rd Tower Rd Ba s s Lake Rd L L Normans LandingRd Rd Rd Tewalt Rd Crystal Lake Dr O P P O 1 3 4 3 2 1 4 2 A Wisconsin State Trail Pass is required of all bicyclists 16 or older. A Wisconsin State Park & Forest Disabled Veteran or Former POW ID Card will be honored as a bike pass. A pass is not needed for hiking. Passes are $25 for an annual & $5 for a daily. Passes are available at the Burnett and Polk County Tourism Information Centers and other vendors along the trail. The Gandy Dancer Recreational Trail runs 47 miles through Burnett County and Polk County. Bicyclists, hikers and snowmobilers can enjoy a scenic route that includes river trestle bridges, beautiful vistas of local lakes and secluded forest and farmland. Frozen ground ATV riding - see regulations. PHOTO: Nancy Moe, Lake Country Pedalers January Fat Fish Frozen Bike Race, Webb Lake Ice Fishing Contests February Ice Fishing Contests Indoor Trade Fair, The Forts March Winterfest, Siren St. Patrick’s Parades & Celebrations, Siren, Webb Lake & Yellow Lake Student Art Show, Webster April Taco Bingo, Webster Earth Day Clean Up, Gandy Dancer Trail May Earth Arts Spring Tour, Siren Fat Fish 40 Bike Race, Webster Siren Nationals The Forts Opening Weekend Arts & Crafts Fair, Webster June Big Gust Day, Grantsburg Kids Fishing Contest, Siren Dairy Day & Dairy Breakfast Pinko Jam, Grantsburg Yellow River Echoes, The Forts July Freedom Celebration & 5K Run, Siren Webb Lake Fire Chicken BBQ July 4th Parade, Webster Snowmobile Watercross, Grantsburg Blueberries on the Barrens, Namekagon Barrens Fur Trade Rendezvous, The Forts Gandy Dancer Fly-In/Drive-In, Siren August Gandy Dancer Days, Webster Arts Alive on 35, Webster Oktoberfest, Danbury County Fair, Grantsburg 0 4 Miles 1:135,000 This Burnett County map was produced by Yellow River Advertising & Design, LLC, 17484 Goshawk St., McGregor, MN 55760. © 2022 Yellow River Advertising & Design, LLC. All rights reserved. No reproduction, in whole or in part, without written permission from Yellow River Advertising & Design, LLC, 218-426-0964, YellowRiverAdvertising.com. This map was created and compiled by Northwest Regional Planning Commission using GIS data from local, state and national sources. By nature, maps are a graphical representation of real-world conditions, with issues of accuracy, resolution and thematic display determined with the anticipated use of the map in mind. Although strives have been made to maintain an accurate and precise inventory of features, this map may contain errors, may not be current and may omit important information. Please respect public and private property signs. The producer makes no implied warranties and bears no responsibility or liability in this matter. This map is solely a representation of real-world conditions and is made available to the recipient for informational purposes only. Crex Meadows Wildlife Education & Visitor Center Gateway to the Great WI Birding & Nature Trail Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park & Burnett County Historical Society Two Reconstructed 1802 Fur Trade Posts Grantsburg Museum Grantsburg Area Historical Society Burnett County Tourism Information Center Located in The Lodge at Crooked Lake September Voyager Village Craft Fair Siren Nationals County Fair, Webster Harvestfest, Siren October Grantoberfest, Grantsburg Dagwaagin Gabeshi, The Forts Quilt Show, Webster Hammer In, The Forts Booya, Webb Lake Fat Dog Bike Rally, Webb Lake Haunted Trail & Booya, The Forts Trunk-or-Treat, Siren, Danbury, Webster November Northwoods Christmas, Siren Taste of Siren Ladies Days Out, Alpha Doe on the Go, Grantsburg Holiday Art Sale, Webster Christmas in Siren Kickoff December Santa, Grantsburg & Siren Christmas in Siren Christmas in the Park, Grantsburg Christmas at The Forts Trails Pow Wow, Hertel 5 For complete calendar of events & area information, call or visit . . . 800-788-3164 • BurnettCountyFun.com COVER PHOTO Julie Roy 8 9 @BurnettCountyWI CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2022 6 7 Wisconsin’s Premier Northwest FREE BurnettCountyFun.com 2022 Map 800-788-3164 Please call ahead or check online to verify date, time, place and details of events! Family, friends and the great outdoors! Come enjoy all the wide-open spaces that Burnett County has to offer! Escape to the northwoods of Wisconsin for a weekend get-a-way or week-long stay to warm and welcoming communities just 1.5 hours from the Twin Cities. Just far enough away from the busy-ness of the rest of the world, Burnett County is the place to be to experience the beauty of the natural world and make precious memories while you strengthen the bonds of close family and friends. Our businesses and attractions welcome you with open arms and will help to make your time spent here memorable. There’s no better time to get outside, and with 508 named lakes, over a dozen riverways and 185,000 acres of public land, Burnett County has more outdoors to offer than any other county in the region. Our little corner of Wisconsin, nestled within a landscape of thick forests, vast open prairies, abundant lakes and moving water- ways is the perfect destination for the outdoor enthusiast. Whether you’re visiting in winter, spring, summer or fall, you’ll find that our exquisite natural resources, unforgettable attractions and friendly business owners make your trip north memorable. With the most miles of the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway, the water is calling your name. Rent a tube, drop a line, pick up your paddle, and escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world while you float atop the water. However you want to experience the water, on a lake or on a river, you can make it happen in Burnett County. Do you enjoy being outdoors and experiencing nature at her finest? Silent sport enthusiasts keep coming back to Burnett County because of our incredible trail systems. Hike, bike, ski, or snowshoe along the numerous trails that run throughout the county for an experience that will leave you in awe and at peace. Lighted cross country ski trails in the eastern reaches of the county have become local favorites. With new trails being added each year, each trek can be a new one. New signage is popping up on many trails, including the new Gandy Dancer State Trail kiosks. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for wildlife and birds as you venture down the trails. Is fishing more your style? Anglers will find some of the best fishing in Burnett County with ample opportunity to catch trophy bass and muskellunge, abundant panfish and pike, and delicious walleye. Try to reel in one of the prehistoric sturgeon that traverse the depths of the Yellow Lakes and Rivers. Bring your kids to cast a line off a dock or the side of a bridge. In Burnett County, we are all about the memories that come along with a really fun vacation focused on outdoor fun. Enjoy hunting? With over 185,000 acres of public lands, including over 50,000 public wildlife acres, you’ll find some of the best hunting in Burnett County. Recognized as one of the premier wildlife destinations in the regions, you’ll find nearly all huntable species here, from grouse and woodcock to black bear and whitetail deer. Some of the greatest trophy harvests have taken place in our fields and woods, from the historic Jordan Buck to other behemoths harvested in just the past few years. Looking to move at a faster pace? Travel over 300 miles of groomed snowmobile trails, or take your ATV/ UTV for a thrilling ride on the 130 miles of beautifully scenic and always exciting trail systems interconnected by county roads, most of which are open to ATV/UTV traffic. Shop local at one of our many businesses in the county, with owners and staff ready to welcome you in every season. You won’t find any fly-by-night establishments here; many are in their second, third or fourth genera- tion of family ownership. Burnett County is the perfect place to find that one-of-a-kind gift that you can’t find anywhere else. Stop by any of our distinct shopping establishments for an experience in a class all their own. PHOTOS: Water lily, Northwest Passage Resident Kiley, 14; Burnett County Farmers’ Market; ATVing, Nancy Herman you’re looking for we have the Burnett County is all about family, friends and the great outdoors. We have the Outdoors you’re looking for! A & H | DANBURY | GRANTSBURG | HERTEL SIREN | WEBB LAKE | WEBSTER 10 5 mi. 11