2022 Burnett County Guide

BURNETT COUNTY 5 800-788-3164 • BurnettCountyFun.com Welcome to Burnett County! You may come to Burnett County to connect to the St. Croix River or to the county’s 500+ lakes or dozens of other riverways. You may connect to Burnett because of these waters and the associated fishing, wildlife viewing or the Crex Meadows Sandhill Crane migration. You may connect to Burnett and it’s water resources as the French and English fur traders did when they established trading posts at what is now Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park. They connected to the Burnett County area because the Ojibwe communities followed the riverways and the seasonal harvests of fish, maple sugar and wild rice. These cultural traditions still join families and friends to Northwest Wisconsin. Families and friends today connect to Burnett through its hunting, fishing and resort traditions. And strong associations bring people to Burnett County simply because it feels good. So welcome to Burnett County. Enjoy our nature trails, our ATV and snowmobile opportunities, our dining, our casinos, our splendid shops, our northwoods golfing, and above all – our friends and maybe your future friends. to burnett PHOTOS: Feet in water, Nancy Herman, top left; Sandhill crane, Amber’s Impressions Photography, top right; Biking, Nick Nøethe, middle left; Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park, middle right; Fishing, rbowbay.com , right. Soak your feet in Yellow Lake just north of Webster. The waters of Yellow Lake flow in from the Yellow River. The Yellow River flows out of Yellow Lake and connects to the St Croix River and the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway. The St. Croix River then flows south and unites with the Mississippi River. That water joins the Minnesota River upstream to Lake Winnipeg in Canada and also south to the Gulf of Mexico and is now connected to all the waters of the world.